Take part in a challenge event

Take part in a challenge event

Get active and get your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to sponsor you. Sponsored walks, runs, swims, bike rides, sky dives, abseils, firewalking and countless other challenge events take place all over the UK and participants are usually welcome to raise funds for a charity. A list of useful websites can be found below or if need help finding an event to suit you, get in touch.

Remember for some of the more popular events (e.g The London Marathon) you will need to apply well in advance. 

Organise your own event or activity

Involve your friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours, school, place of worship or club in an event or activity to raise money. You can do just about anything - a few ideas from our fundraising pack are:

  • Coffee mornings, bake sales.
  • Barbeques, garden parties, any sort of party!
  • Concerts, pub quizzes, golf days, cricket matches, sponsored walks.
  • Non-uniform and dress-down days at school or work.
  • Sponsored diets, head shaves, beard growing.
  • Babysitting, lawn-mowing, car cleaning.
  • Bag packing at your local supermarket.
  • Home-selling parties.
  • Unwanted gift/clothes sales, car boot sales, e-bay sales.

You can also make a collection for RDUK, including as part of an event you have already organised. Different collections have different rules associated with them and you should consider whether you need to obtain a licence. If you do need to obtain a charity collection licence, make sure you allow plenty of time. The time it takes to process applications varies greatly in different local authorities. Types of collections include on the street, in privately owned shops/businesses and house-to-house collections.


If you don't feel like organising an event yourself you could always encourage your company to Support Rare Disease UK

Big and small companies often like to support charities, especially ones that have a personal connection to one of their employees. Ask if your company:

  • Would make a donation
  • Would match-fund your fundraising activities - Some employers will support fundraising activities undertaken by their staff to support charities and will match £1 for every £1 that you raise.
  • Has a “Charity of the Year” - Does your organisation operate a Charity of the Year scheme? If they do, please tell us how RDUK could be put forward for selection by emailing us.
Organise your own event or activity
Raise money whilst you shop online or recycle

Raise money whilst you shop online or recycle

Shopping online

Genetic Alliance UK, the registered charity that runs RDUK, is signed up with three online shopping clubs. Once you have registered shopping clubs are a really easy way to raise money to support RDUK.


Really simple! Register with Recycle 4 Charity to get freepost envelopes and send off your used print cartridges and old mobile phone to raise money for RDUK.


If you are planning a fundraising activity for RDUK or would like to discuss your fundraising ideas, please email us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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